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Victims of Bullying

My 10 year old daughter came home the other day and we were playing and chatting about her day at the mall when out of the blue she say’s “Mommy I want to make a blog because bullying is getting bad, there are allot of kids killing themselves over bullying.’ Oh my god at that moment I felt so proud that my 10 year old daughter even knew how bad bullying was let alone wanting to try and do something about it. She want’s to blog and start a group at school about bullying. At that moment I felt as though I have passed on to my morals and good heart to my children and I have taught them that they can make a difference no matter who you are. Below is two videos, one is a song that my daughter showed me on youtube about how bullying has made her a stronger person and how she had to set the bar higher for herself because of bullying and eventually she was stronger than the one’s who bullied her and now she is laughing at them. It is an inspiring song that I hope may help others who are bullied to believe in themselves and to work harder so in the end you are the one who comes out on top.

This next video is about children who were bullied to death and if you have a heart at all then you will cry but it is better to feel then to ignore.

Anonymous strikes again

Stories by Williams

As a sci-fi geek and indie writer, I rarely get into stories about terrible tragedies on this site. However, I couldn’t ignore this story once I came across it. Not only does it pertain to an issue which is of extreme importance to all of us – cyber bullying – there are also aspects of this case which are undeniably relevant when it comes to the fields of information technology and internet communications.

It’s no secret that the advance of technology has created new opportunities for predators to prey on the innocent. But at the same time, it seems that said same technology could be opening up opportunities to bring them down as well. What’s more, it seems that when it comes to certain types of cybercrime, hackers and authorities can come together in common cause.

As I’m sure many have already heard, a Canadian teen girl named Amanda Todd…

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