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Cancer in the family

Well my sister had surgery and went through radiation and is doing great.  My brother is ok for now.  I just heard the other day that my other sister from California has breast cancer, they are going to remove her breast but they aren’t sure that it is going to be enough.  She said that if they aren’t able to remove all of the cancer after taking her breast then she isn’t going to to continue treatment.  As for myself I just found out that I have quite a few nodules on my thyroid, so I am waiting on my labs and going to see a cancer specialist.  I will update as soon as I know more.

Well they said that they got 99+% out so not she has to go through radiation. As for my brother, he went through surgery again and they said that if they find anymore spots on his bladder they will have to remove his bladder completely. My brother and sister are way too young for this.

Going to the Dr. today to find out what kind of cancer my sister has. Wish her luck.

Right now I am going through some tough times. My brother was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He started chemo after the surgery then they had to stop chemo because they found 3 more spots. He had surgery again and now they say if they find anymore spots they are going to have to remove his bladder all together. My sister just had her thyroid removed because they found a tumor and the Dr. called two days ago, his exact words were “It’s killer cancer” my sister asks “what kind of cancer is it?” Dr. “well discuss that on the 18th” WTF is that? Drs suck, that is bull shit. Why would they worry you like that if they cannot even discuss it? Why couldn’t he  have just made an apt. rather than tell us something like that? Now it’s just worry, worry, worry until we can go talk to these bastards to see what the hell is going on.

Anyways that was a venting session. I flew out here to Reno to stay with my sister and take care of her, in a week I will be headed to Cali to help my brother then back out to Reno before I head back home. Wish my family luck through there hard times. Thanks for reading my venting session. Sorry my writing sucks but my head is too full to care about how I write right now. I’ll post updates on my brother and sister for anyone interested.