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Parents beware of a childrens online game called Movie Star Planet!

I put the site link below. Parent’s if your children are playing on this game I would highly suggest that you log into your child’s account and read their messages, their archives, watch the movies they are watching and making in this kids game. I would bet you that most of these so called children are adult men and women who deserve to be gave to the public for disposal.


Movie Theatre

Movie Theatures are a Rip off.Have any of you been to the movie theatre lately? OMG me and my partner took our daughter to see Hansel and Gretel 3D at the Harkins theatre by the Superstition Mall. We went on a Saturday around 1 in the afternoon. It still costed nearly $50.00 just for us to get in, then another $50 for 2 med. soda’s 1 med. pop corn and a salted pretzel.  Now I don’t know about you but I think this is a rip off. It’s no wonder the poor stay poor, it’s because everyone puts a higher price on everything so they can make even more money. Are there any people left in the world that believe in giving people a fair price just because it’s the humane thing to do? If there are I sure don’t know of any. Can you believe that they charge $5.00 for a medium fountain drink. Do you know that it only costs them cents for that fountain drink and a few more cents for the cap. So why are there prices so outrageous? And what really pisses me off is that they play commercials. If you say that the movie is going to start at 1:30 then I don’t expect to have to watch them promote all the other movies coming out. I could have rented a movie, got all movie snacks and drinks for under $10.00 and I could fast forward through all the shit I don’t want to watch.

I am a working mother who doesn’t’ receive help with child support and when I make a few extra dollars I want nothing more than to treat my children because they really don’t have much compared to other kids. Why does treating my children have to cost an arm and a leg? It doesn’t, the reason it does is because people live off of selfishness and greed now. No wonder our world is going to shit!

This is one of my daughters first posts!

Sandy Hook.

Church, to go or not to go?

ChurchGrowing up I was raised as a Christian, I went to church every weekend and went to bible study on weekdays. Since growing up and coming out “so to speak” I have realized that most people in church, no matter their religion are hypocrites. How could you preach about how God love’s you and how God is all forgiving, then turn around and say that if you are gay, or if you are black or if you don’t abide by the “rules” of the bible you are going to hell. I went to this church the other day and just happened to listen to the class that was going on, the lady was telling children that they would go to hell if they didn’t abide by gods wish’s. I am sorry but if someone ever told that to one of my children I would beat the crap out of them. I do believe in a higher power but I do not believe that you will go to hell if you mess up or if you like that same sex or if you are a different color.

Church goers are always talking about helping others but what they really mean is “well help you as long as you attend our services and get brainwashed like the rest of them. Sorry people but I carry my own belief’s and I believe that everyone else should as well. So what if I don’t believe in your religion, I do believe. I think that as long as your heart is in the rite place then there’s your church, it’s better than what you will get from going to church.

Today Cannot Be Forgotten

For the Children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, ConnI am creating this page for all the tragedies that America has watched getting worse and worse as they go.

This is for the 20 children who were murdered, for the families of these children and for the 6 adults who were also murdered yesterday on 12/14/2012. Sandy Hook elementary School in Newtown CT.

My 10 year old daughter asks me yesterday if she could show me a video she found on youtube and I was floored when I watched. This is an amazing and worth the watch. Beware this video may choke you up.

Charlotte Bacon, 02/22/06, female                                        Daniel Barden, 09/25/05, male
Rachel Davino, 07/17/83, female                                            Olivia Engel, 07/18/06, female
Josephine Gay, 12/11/05, female                                           Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 04/04/06, female
Dylan Hockley, 03/08/06, male                                                Dawn Hochsprung, 06/28/65, female
Madeline F. Hsu, 07/10/06, female                                         Catherine V. Hubbard, 06/08/06, female
Chase Kowalski, 10/31/05, male                                            Jessee Lewis, 06/30/06, male
James Mattiloi, 03/22/06, male                                              Grace McDonnell, 12/04/05, female
Anne Marie Murphy, 07/25/60, female                                    Emilie Parker, 05/12/06, female
Jack Pinto, 05/06/06, male                                                     Noah Pozner, 11/20/06, male
Caroline Previdi, 09/07/06, female                                         Jessica Rekos, 05/10/06, female
Avielle Richman, 10/17/06, female                                         Lauren Rousseau, 06/82, female
Mary Sherlach, 02/11/56, female                                           Victoria Soto, 11/04/85, female
Benjamin Wheeler, 09/12/06, male                                        Allison N. Wyatt, 07/03/06, female

Oregon Mall Shooting on 12/12/2012

Cindy Ann Yuille
Steve M. Forsyth
And one wounded

Oikos University shooting in Oakland CA. on 4/2/2012 there were 7 killed and 3 injured.

Doris Chibuko, 40                                                                                         Sonam Choedon, 33
Grace Eunhea Kin, 23                                                                                  Judith O. Seymore, 53
Lydia H. Sim, 21                                                                                            Bhutia Tshering, 38
Katleen Ping, 24

For all the Innocent's lost
For all the victims and their families of 2012 massacres.

Century movie theatre in Aurora, CT on 7/20/2012.  There were 12 killed and 58 wounded.

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6
Jordon Cowden, 51
John Larimer, 27
Jessica Ghawi, 24
Micayla Medek, 23
Johnathon Blunk, 26
Rebecca Wingo, 32
Alexander Teves, 24
Alexander Boik, 19
Matt McQuinn, 27
Ashley Moser, 25

Chardon High School Shooting on Feb. 27th 2012

Russell King Jr
Demetrius Hewlin
Daniel Parmertor
And one other wounded

You may notice that I am not mentioning the shooters names, that is because they don’t deserve to continue to be remembered and I for one am not going to contribute to their remembrance. The only people mentioned on this place are the victims, not the monsters that caused the suffering and heart ache.

I will continue to update this page with the other violent crimes in 2012 that we have endured.

Beware of Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force Recruiters!

Stop lying to our children to get them to serve our country.
Stop lying to our children to get them to serve our country.

My 18 year old comes home the other day saying “I’m going to join the National Guard,” I talked to a recruiter and he said that I would get paid $200.00 a day. They also said that they would pay for all of his schooling and that he would only have to join for 3 years. Yea Right… My partner did some research and found out that you only get paid for one or two days a month and your pay isn’t all that. We also found out that unless you stay enlisted for 6 years they will NOT help pay for your college. Here my son was all excited thinking it would be worth it just to help support his family and never even suspecting that the recruiters lie through their teeth to get you enrolled because they have a quota they have to hit. Bull shit, why the hell is the Government letting their enrollment officers lie to children just to hit quota. Well there are two less 18 year old’s going into the National Guard.

I believe that you shouldn’t lie to children to get them to serve our country, I don’t even think that they are old enough to see what you see when you are called into action. We found out that 85% of newly enrolled people end up getting a dishonorable discharge because they cannot hack it. Well they are still children and shouldn’t have to hack it. They treat  and talk to you like shit in training because if you can be broke they want you to break before you go to war. Bull shit, how about just being bluntly honest because if they want to serve our country then that shouldn’t change their minds. Instead they lie to get you enrolled then they beat you down mentally and physically to try to break you. Well guess what, people should be given the ability to decide for themselves if they can take it or not and the recruiter are taking their right’s to decide for themselves by lying to everyone enrolling. Excuse my french but these dumb bastards would keep more of the people they recruit if they would BE HONEST. LOL the Government being honest what a concept. I doubt that I or my children will ever see that happen in our lifetimes.

And we are so proud to say that the people in our country have freedom, my ass, if we had as much freedom as the Government want’s us to believe then they wouldn’t have to lie every time they open their mouth’s.

I need to get caught back up

Our World as we know itFor awhile it seemed that I couldn’t get enough of blogging. Now it seems hard to find anything to blog about. I stopped watching the news because every time I watched it just made me want to move my ass to the middle of no where, survive off the land and make my own civilization. It seems like everywhere you turn there is more destruction or no one is doing anything which is worse. I talked to my Mom the other day and she was freaking out about damn President Obama and Mitt Romney not agreeing. All my mom see’s is one of the worst depressions ever. I cannot think that we will either live or die during a major depression. I have to believe that there is more, I mean why would someone create all of this just to end it in death? No we have been here in spirit for allot longer than we have lived and I do believe we will continue to live and learn just as we have.

I have been reading allot of inspirational books lately to try and help me stay focused on me and my current surroundings so I can try and enjoy life again instead of wonder what is coming. Whatever it is, I think that after all is said and done, will eventually benefit us all. Keep your chins up. I’ll update my book reading on goodreads so you all can check them out if you’re interested. Well past my bedtime so thanks for reading me. Hopefully I will have more interesting topics to blog about next time.

We have a dream

We have a dream.

The great Jan Brewer and Mitt Romney

Jan Brewer the lady without a heartNow here is someone who needs a taste of their own medication. How dare this bitch take medical from people who don’t have children. I would love to see her (and many others) try living off of $1000, hell lets even give the bastards $2000  a month and see if she can still pay to see a Dr. All these all holes such as Mitt Romney  should have to go for a full month living like us normal people who don’t have the big houses or who’s never received child support for help, you know the average working Joe just like me. Jan and Mitt need to pull their heads out of their asses and help take care of the people rather than trying to find more ways to screw us. It is sad that there are so many people in need of medical, especially the elderly but in the end we are the ones who get screwed. Hell I am a parent and cannot even see a dentist for a tooth that is falling apart and hurts like hell. I am sure that I am not the only one suffering because of Jan, and if Romney ends up President us poor folk may as well start building out in the wilderness because there will be no way we will survive.

Our destruction if he ends up President