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Movie Theatre

Movie Theatures are a Rip off.Have any of you been to the movie theatre lately? OMG me and my partner took our daughter to see Hansel and Gretel 3D at the Harkins theatre by the Superstition Mall. We went on a Saturday around 1 in the afternoon. It still costed nearly $50.00 just for us to get in, then another $50 for 2 med. soda’s 1 med. pop corn and a salted pretzel.  Now I don’t know about you but I think this is a rip off. It’s no wonder the poor stay poor, it’s because everyone puts a higher price on everything so they can make even more money. Are there any people left in the world that believe in giving people a fair price just because it’s the humane thing to do? If there are I sure don’t know of any. Can you believe that they charge $5.00 for a medium fountain drink. Do you know that it only costs them cents for that fountain drink and a few more cents for the cap. So why are there prices so outrageous? And what really pisses me off is that they play commercials. If you say that the movie is going to start at 1:30 then I don’t expect to have to watch them promote all the other movies coming out. I could have rented a movie, got all movie snacks and drinks for under $10.00 and I could fast forward through all the shit I don’t want to watch.

I am a working mother who doesn’t’ receive help with child support and when I make a few extra dollars I want nothing more than to treat my children because they really don’t have much compared to other kids. Why does treating my children have to cost an arm and a leg? It doesn’t, the reason it does is because people live off of selfishness and greed now. No wonder our world is going to shit!


Senior Drivers

Fuck you too! Get off the road you old fart before the next thing you hit is a child.
Fuck you too! Get off the road you old fart before the next thing you hit is a child.

I have been looking up car accident statistics for about a week and I find that this is a huge problem not only in Arizona but everywhere. Since there are so many baby boomers the problem is only going to get worse. I have seen a few articles on people saying that we should also be looking at teen drivers, claiming that teen drivers cause as many accidents as senior drivers, however in my search through the statistics that is not true. So if this is such a problem why isn’t anything being done about it? According to the Arizona DOT by the year 2030, older drivers are expected to account for 18.9% of all vehicles driven (HOW FUCKING SCARY IS THIS?)

So I’m sitting in the DMV today for a duplicate license (because some ass hole stole my wallet on X-mas eve, a story for another time.) When I notice this man who had to be at least 90 years old, couldn’t walk without holding onto the counters and his whole body shaking like a leaf. I’m listening to them talk and realize that this man was there to get his license. I watched as he works his way through people (clinging to people and counters as he went so as not to fall). Now this old man had to do an eye test lol, the second he got there he say’s “my eye’s are great” ha,ha well just because his eyes are great doesn’t mean he could react fast enough to any given situation, and as bad as he shakes I’m surprised he could keep the wheel straight. This old mans reflexes were shot and the fact that he was shaking uncontrollable should have been a sign that he doesn’t need his license. Low and behold this old man walked out of the DMV with his new license. HOW?

I live in Arizona, and anyone who lives here will tell you that the snowbirds are dangerous, stupid drivers. Most snowbirds are retiree’s and once snowbird season comes, watch out. These old people will turn down the wrong side of the road, the wrong side of the freeway, they will drive on and off the sidewalks, they pull out in front of you when you are doing 60 mph then they go 40 mph. Now come on you cannot tell me that the death rate for car accidents doesn’t go up when these snowbirds come our way.

This article has nothing to do with Arizona, however it does have to do with senior citizens driving. There is some great information in this article for those of you who have parents that should no longer be driving.

Sorry this is just a bitch post, if I cannot use my blog to talk about the things that bother me that why have it?

Here are links to some statistics and articles on senior drivers