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Paris Hilton Bitch or not?

In my opinion Paris Hilton is a Bitch with a capital B.  She would have never said that gay men were disgusting if she hadn’t meant it.  The only reason she is apologizing is she was caught.  God forbid the bitch should look bad, as if she hasn’t done enough in the past to give herself a bad reputation.  I have never been a fan of Paris because anyone who thinks she is all that even after everything she has done in her past needs there head examined or needs knocked in there place.  You may be beautiful on the outside but it’s your actions that make people see the beauty and to me you are an ugly ass bitch.


Gay marriage

I cannot believe that this is still an issue.  What the hell happened to our freedom?  If people would mind their own god damn business and stop worrying about who’s fucking who then we wouldn’t have this problem.  Remember when everyone was against black and white’s being together?  Now no one seems to care about that.  If you don’t agree with gay’s than don’t look, who gives a shit?  Are you sleeping with them?  Are they somehow ruining your life?  What are gay people doing to piss everyone off so much?  If you are hell bent on being against gays than I suggest you get a life and stop worrying about what and who everyone else is doing.  Why should this be a matter at all?  Gay’s are not contagious nor do we grow horns or anything else.  If you have a daughter or son or best friend that just told you that they are gay, you tell me how that statement changed your son daughter or friend in  anyway other than in your eyes?

I’m not bashing this article just the fact that this is still a big deal.

Fifty-three percent of the 1,000 adults surveyed believe the government should give legal recognition to marriages between couples of the same sex

Sign petitions on gay rights

Here’s a site that will allow you to sign online petitions.  Check it out

Should gay’s have equal rights?

In my opinion everyone should have equal rights.  Anyone who thinks that they are better than another because of their lifestyle rather than their actions are insecure and should be pitied.  Being gay doesn’t make you act badly and it doesn’t make you a bad person.  What makes people bad is their actions not their personal choices.