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Beware–child rapist may not be a stranger

As parents, our number one job is to protect our children. We think we hit all the bases to teach our children what to do to avoid being violated or attacked.

We start at a young age, teaching Stranger Danger! We say, “Scream! Bite! Kick! Run! Walk in groups when you go somewhere. Don’t go out after dark alone or in a neighborhood you don’t know. Be aware of your surroundings at all times!”

But sadly the one thing often overlooked is the one thing we never should have to say.  Beware of people you know and love because sometimes they aren’t who you think they are.

Some startling statistics from RAINN, the Rape, Assault Incest website at

  • Every two minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted
  •  15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12
  • Nearly 30% of child victims were between the age of 4 and 7
  • 93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker
  • 34.2% of attackers were family members.
  • 58.7% were acquaintances.
  • Only 7% of the perpetrators were strangers to the victim

Homes are violated every day, not by a criminal or someone off the street.  No, even worse—parents, siblings or family friends, attack and rape children in their own home. Now, not only are the streets unsafe, but the one safe haven children thought they had is no longer safe.

Violated and alone, a child often will not tell their parents or loved ones when the incident happens. Sometimes it will be weeks, months or even years before the child is finally able to find the courage to step up and ask for help.

Rarely is it a matter of trust.  More often, it’s a matter of fear. Fear of the person who assaulted them, fear of being called a liar, or fear of making people mad. Often even of making the person who assaulted them angry. After all, it was a family friend or perhaps another family member, someone the child believes their parents trust.  It is all too easy for the child and the perpetrator to turn the incident around to place all of the guilt on the child. Guilt, fear and secrecy may give the perpetrator the power to continue the abuse.

Aided by the power of the cycle of fear, guilt and violence, sixty percent of sexual assaults will go unreported to the police and ninety-seven percent of rapists will never spend a day in jail.

Is it inconceivable then that rape and/or assault victims often do not get the help they need to work through the problems caused from the crime? If you know someone who has been a victim of a violent crime, or assault or rape, the most important thing you can do for them is to listen and believe them. If they are ready for counseling, help them find a reputable counselor. If there are not ready for face to face counseling, another alternative is a rape crisis hotline. You can find one through your local phone book, domestic violence hotline or from a counseling center.


Parents beware of a childrens online game called Movie Star Planet!

I put the site link below. Parent’s if your children are playing on this game I would highly suggest that you log into your child’s account and read their messages, their archives, watch the movies they are watching and making in this kids game. I would bet you that most of these so called children are adult men and women who deserve to be gave to the public for disposal.

Child abuse

Child abuse.

Important Facts

child abuseI read this article that has a list of things you can do instead of hurting a child and that cracks me up because if you CAN hurt a child then you are screwed up in the head and should seek help the minute you notice you are beginning to lose patients. If you know you are not good with children then don’t have them and if you accidentally get pregnant then there is something called adoption. I will continue to add facts as I come across them.

I have three children so I know how hard it is to be a 24/7 parent, however hitting/yelling is never the answer, all hitting/yelling does is screw the child up and makes your job as a parent harder. If you treat everyone including your children the way you want them to behave and treat others then your children act like you and treat others as you do. Kids are like little parrots, monkey see monkey do, therefore if your children are uncontrollable or are just brats then take a hard look in the mirror because these children are just mimicking their parents. Maybe we should start beating the parents for not doing there job correctly. It’s really not that hard to act the way you want to be treated and the way you want your children to act and behave towards others.

Did you know that more than 5 children die everyday as a result of child abuse?
Approximately 80% of children who die as a result of child abuse are under 4 years old.
It’s estimated that 50 to 60% of fatalities due to maltreatment are not recorded as such on death certificates.
About 30% of abused/neglected children will abuse their own children later in life.
84% of inmates were abused as children.
Over 80% of children abused are abused by someone they know (parent, caregiver, neighbor, close family friend, ect.)

Child abuse is rising due to the economy falling

child-deaths-per-day-line_9-30-2011Alright this just pisses me off, just because your life is harder right now doesn’t mean any children should have to suffer for it. Now mind you, it is my personal opinion that child abuse is rising because of economic hardship but I have kept my eye on the child abuse rise and I truly believe it’s because parents are so stressed out that they take it out on the one’s who can’t give it back. Just because your life is harder gives you no right to abuse your children for it. They are innocent until we as parents take their innocence or let others take it by not teaching our children any better. Yea times are hard for EVERYONE right now but that is no reason for treating your children like shit. All you dumb ass parents who are going home to yell, scream, or hit your children need to remember something, these children are going to be taking care of you when you cannot anymore and I hope like hell you get the same treatment as you gave to your children.

Everyone is stressed to the max now but you have to be the adult and when you notice that you are beginning to get pissed or if you are pissed then don’t go home for an extra 10 minuted and use that time to meditate and put yourselves in the kind of mood that children deserve. It doesn’t take all that long to calm yourself, that is if you try. I really wish Anonymous would find all these parents and post their addresses online hell after all if we let the people take care of these bastards then we wouldn’t have to pay for their stay in prison and we wouldn’t have to pay to feed them. Hell life would be allot better and cheaper if we the people took care of these idiots instead of the police.

Anonymous strikes again

Stories by Williams

As a sci-fi geek and indie writer, I rarely get into stories about terrible tragedies on this site. However, I couldn’t ignore this story once I came across it. Not only does it pertain to an issue which is of extreme importance to all of us – cyber bullying – there are also aspects of this case which are undeniably relevant when it comes to the fields of information technology and internet communications.

It’s no secret that the advance of technology has created new opportunities for predators to prey on the innocent. But at the same time, it seems that said same technology could be opening up opportunities to bring them down as well. What’s more, it seems that when it comes to certain types of cybercrime, hackers and authorities can come together in common cause.

As I’m sure many have already heard, a Canadian teen girl named Amanda Todd…

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Mom of the Year Arrested For Giving Kids Cocaine and Beer

I really like this writer’s point of view and the fact that the writer holds nothing back…Check it out click here.

29 year old Juliette Dunn was spending the day doing what any average mom would do. She got up, dressed her kids (a 4 year old and a 10 month old), took them to the park, and forced them to drink beer. It isn’t stated how they gave the 10 month old cocaine, but I can take a few guesses.

Grandfather arrested for torturing his three grandchildren at the Grand Canyon

Christopher Carlson forced his grandsons to hike the Grand Canyon from sunrise to sunset with no food or water.  The three boys ages 12,9 and 8 had cracked lips, blistered feet and could barely walk.  If the boys stopped Carlson would punch, kick, and even choke them.  Carlson made his grandchildren hike nearly 20 miles on a 108 degree day.  When one boy could not physically continue Carlson smashed his face into a rock.

Six year old boy from Pheonix beat to death by parents

Here is yet another case where Child Protective Services failed. Six year old  Jacob was the son of Benny Gibson and Jennifer Paul.  In this case Child Protective Services had visited the home of Benny and Jennifer on more than one occasion to check on allegations that the couple were abusing their son, Jacob.  Every time, CPS investors claim they could not obtain enough evidence to verify the allegations.  Jacob died on Aug. 14th, days after he was taken to the hospital unconscious and suffering from seizures.

Benny and Jennifer were first investigated in 2005  and opened a case as recently as July this past year.  The records that were release on Monday show that CPS workers were constantly in and around the apartment of Benny and Gibson, yet the investigators failed to find evidence that Benny and Jennifer were abusing the boy.  Investigators  found that Jacob was treated differently than his sisters were treated.  They said that the father (Benny) was like a drill sergeant with the boy.  In 2010, after an allegation that the left side of Jacob’s face was swollen, Jacob was scarred to death of his father.  The father  (Benny) was never seen hitting Jacob, but what was observed was the fathers use of the box for punishment.  Benny would force Jacob to stand at attention in a 2×2 foot box when he misbehaved.

The investigation into Jacob’s swollen face (GET THIS) was CLOSED when a case manager visited their home and found Jacob and the other children in good shape.  The case manager wrote that Jacobs face was still injured but Benny and Jennifer said that Jacob fell.  A supervisor from CPS approved this case to be closed considering there was no safety factor.

In 2007 Jacob and at least one of his siblings were placed in foster care.   After a visit with Benny and Jennifer, Jacobs foster family noticed bruises on Jacob’s legs, yet the case manager that visited with Benny and Jennifer  and found that Benny and Jennifer were not at fault.

Now you tell me how CPS found nothing.  The fact that Jacob was scarred to death of his father should have been the first alarm.  What does CPS just talk to the parents and believe everything they said?  I would like to know how after all these allegations CPS still found nothing.  The incompetence of CPS is costing children their lives and this should be an outrage to everyone.
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Chandler child abuser

This is on story that pisses me off.  This woman Angelica Jimenez was granted temporary custody by Child protective services.  They say that Angelica lied to CPS about Saldana’s presence when they initially placed the infant in her care.  Well if they know that she knew him at all why the hell didn’t they do their jobs and make sure that Saldana’s wasn’t at her house.  The only reason this child abuse happened is because CPS isn’t doing their jobs.  If you are placing children in home then you better make damn sure those homes are safe.  Who knows that baby could have been better off with her druggy mommy, instead she was taken out of her druggy mommy’s and placed right in the hands of a woman who hangs with the wrong crowd so to speak.  It’s shit like this that make me want to go back to school and become a social worker that way at least someone would be trying to do the right.