Important Facts

child abuseI read this article that has a list of things you can do instead of hurting a child and that cracks me up because if you CAN hurt a child then you are screwed up in the head and should seek help the minute you notice you are beginning to lose patients. If you know you are not good with children then don’t have them and if you accidentally get pregnant then there is something called adoption. I will continue to add facts as I come across them.

I have three children so I know how hard it is to be a 24/7 parent, however hitting/yelling is never the answer, all hitting/yelling does is screw the child up and makes your job as a parent harder. If you treat everyone including your children the way you want them to behave and treat others then your children act like you and treat others as you do. Kids are like little parrots, monkey see monkey do, therefore if your children are uncontrollable or are just brats then take a hard look in the mirror because these children are just mimicking their parents. Maybe we should start beating the parents for not doing there job correctly. It’s really not that hard to act the way you want to be treated and the way you want your children to act and behave towards others.

Did you know that more than 5 children die everyday as a result of child abuse?
Approximately 80% of children who die as a result of child abuse are under 4 years old.
It’s estimated that 50 to 60% of fatalities due to maltreatment are not recorded as such on death certificates.
About 30% of abused/neglected children will abuse their own children later in life.
84% of inmates were abused as children.
Over 80% of children abused are abused by someone they know (parent, caregiver, neighbor, close family friend, ect.)


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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