Child abuse is rising due to the economy falling

child-deaths-per-day-line_9-30-2011Alright this just pisses me off, just because your life is harder right now doesn’t mean any children should have to suffer for it. Now mind you, it is my personal opinion that child abuse is rising because of economic hardship but I have kept my eye on the child abuse rise and I truly believe it’s because parents are so stressed out that they take it out on the one’s who can’t give it back. Just because your life is harder gives you no right to abuse your children for it. They are innocent until we as parents take their innocence or let others take it by not teaching our children any better. Yea times are hard for EVERYONE right now but that is no reason for treating your children like shit. All you dumb ass parents who are going home to yell, scream, or hit your children need to remember something, these children are going to be taking care of you when you cannot anymore and I hope like hell you get the same treatment as you gave to your children.

Everyone is stressed to the max now but you have to be the adult and when you notice that you are beginning to get pissed or if you are pissed then don’t go home for an extra 10 minuted and use that time to meditate and put yourselves in the kind of mood that children deserve. It doesn’t take all that long to calm yourself, that is if you try. I really wish Anonymous would find all these parents and post their addresses online hell after all if we let the people take care of these bastards then we wouldn’t have to pay for their stay in prison and we wouldn’t have to pay to feed them. Hell life would be allot better and cheaper if we the people took care of these idiots instead of the police.


3 thoughts on “Child abuse is rising due to the economy falling”

    1. Thank you for sharing this, although it breaks my heart to read about, I think that everyone needs to see how bad child abuse is getting because if we don’t see it then nothing will ever be done.

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