Beware of Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force Recruiters!

Stop lying to our children to get them to serve our country.
Stop lying to our children to get them to serve our country.

My 18 year old comes home the other day saying “I’m going to join the National Guard,” I talked to a recruiter and he said that I would get paid $200.00 a day. They also said that they would pay for all of his schooling and that he would only have to join for 3 years. Yea Right… My partner did some research and found out that you only get paid for one or two days a month and your pay isn’t all that. We also found out that unless you stay enlisted for 6 years they will NOT help pay for your college. Here my son was all excited thinking it would be worth it just to help support his family and never even suspecting that the recruiters lie through their teeth to get you enrolled because they have a quota they have to hit. Bull shit, why the hell is the Government letting their enrollment officers lie to children just to hit quota. Well there are two less 18 year old’s going into the National Guard.

I believe that you shouldn’t lie to children to get them to serve our country, I don’t even think that they are old enough to see what you see when you are called into action. We found out that 85% of newly enrolled people end up getting a dishonorable discharge because they cannot hack it. Well they are still children and shouldn’t have to hack it. They treat  and talk to you like shit in training because if you can be broke they want you to break before you go to war. Bull shit, how about just being bluntly honest because if they want to serve our country then that shouldn’t change their minds. Instead they lie to get you enrolled then they beat you down mentally and physically to try to break you. Well guess what, people should be given the ability to decide for themselves if they can take it or not and the recruiter are taking their right’s to decide for themselves by lying to everyone enrolling. Excuse my french but these dumb bastards would keep more of the people they recruit if they would BE HONEST. LOL the Government being honest what a concept. I doubt that I or my children will ever see that happen in our lifetimes.

And we are so proud to say that the people in our country have freedom, my ass, if we had as much freedom as the Government want’s us to believe then they wouldn’t have to lie every time they open their mouth’s.


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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