This weekend was for play while the kids went away!

Children Be Gone!Boy oh boy, I never thought I would know how it feels to get rid of ALL 3 kids for the whole weekend. I dropped the 2 little one’s off at Grandma’s and I didn’t figure my 18 year old would even be home this weekend. So what a surprise when he and his friend came walking in the door today. LOL we practically begged him to go to his Grandma’s and let his Dad take him to work in the morning Whhhoooaaaa yyyeeeaaa it worked.Keep in mind that me and my wife have not had one whole day without kids letalone a hole weekend in years. So I have had the whole weekend to do what I want.

LOL unfortunately I spent it sitting on my butt right here and in between  bathroom brakes I managed to clean the upstairs bathroom and sweep the downstairs. Now I know that I have no life because I revolve myself around my children so much that I forget about what I need, such as friends, a life outside of this house. However I can fix that problem now because Grandma and their Dad moved back here to Arizona so I will be getting more practice at not having kids 24/7.

It’s been so long that I don’t even know if I can make friends anymore, but I use to have thousands of friends everywhere. It seem’s that when I revolved my life around your kids, I didn’t even notice that my friends were dwindling away until the night I finally get a break, that’s when I realized that my old friends are gone and if I want to try and make more I had better take better care of the friendship no matter how much time my family takes. I personally think that my anxiety and depression comes from no life outside of my home life. Well wish me luck and maybe next time I will actually leave the house and try to make friends.


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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