Depression and Anxiety hitting you?

Well I am an anxiety freak, I cannot even walk into a busy store without over-hyperventilating. Depression also gets me down at times too. I wanted to share this with everyone just in case it can help someone the way it helped me. I recently started to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and 5 to 10 minutes at night. So far it has made me feel refreshed and alive again. I actually shower daily and go out in public without too much of a struggle. After you finish your meditation you immediately feel the difference. If you have never tried it before try it now. It’s only 10 to 20 minutes out of your day so why not?


3 thoughts on “Depression and Anxiety hitting you?”

  1. Meditation is certainly a worthwhile pursuit – I don’t practice nearly as often as I might. Far more beneficial in relieving and preventing anxiety/depression than any pills the doc has ever dished out for me. Thanks for the like, by the way – you’re welcome at MBG anytime, take care,


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