Obama’s re-election

Obama's Re-elected
Obama for President

Woo Hoo!!! Who want’s to celebrate with me. It’s about time the rich will have to pay more taxes than me. I know some people who are pissed off about his re-election but the only reason their mad is because there like most of the people today, they don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. They don’t see or care that the rest of us have to bust our asses just to get by and were paying more taxes. I know a lady who makes over half a million a year and she is mad as hell, well guess what she only pay’s 20% taxes compared to a small business who pays 35% that’s just bullshit. All that is doing is keeping the rich rich and the poor poor. Hopefully we’ll get caught up alittle at least be able to pay our bills without having to give allot of our profit to the government. The rich have always had incentives and tax breaks so why not the small business owner or the people busting their asses in a minimum wage job.

However I do wish he would put some kind of timeline on people who receive food stamps or cash benefits because let’s face it Americans are lazy people and if not pushed they will continue to sit on their asses and collect all they can. Sorry but you cannot say that you have actually looked for work if you have been out of work for over a year, two tops because if you do then you’re a liar. Anyone who puts forth the effort can and will find a job. Obama needs to wean out the lazy asses by dropping them off benefits after a period of time. Americans are lazy as hell then we wonder why people want to hire mexicans, it’s because a mexican will do three to four times the work of a white person in the same time period so who can blame them. Maybe if Americans would get up and start getting off their asses and actually working hard for their pay we wouldn’t have the problems of immigrants taking jobs Americans should have. There’s my two cents worth. I know I offended or pissed some of you off with this post and if I did then you are rich or lazy so I don’t care.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s re-election”

  1. Cool. I’m glad you understand it my be just a different type of humor as well.. don’t give up on reading my posts. I’ve been wanting to do it in a such a long time. I think I finally found a voice in it 🙂

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