Parents who pawn their children off on other people

These innocent children never asked to be born and yet they will pay severely if their parents don’t want them.  They will only stay innocent as long as we keep them innocent, as parents we need to decide beyond a shadow of a doubt that we want this baby or just give it up now before we cannot fix the damage we have caused.

Why would anyone have children, keep them, pretend to care, then pawn them off on anyone possible?  I don’t get it, there is adoption and in some cases (no offence) but the children would be better of aborting.  I personally don’t believe in abortion but I have seen cases where the child would have been better off.  Personally I married the first time when I was 16, had my first baby at 18 and had 2 more with the same man.  I am now 36 and have been raising my 3 children with my wife for the past 6 years.  I had the kids too young and it has not been easy but my kids are my world and I will beg, borrow, and steal just to make sure they are taken care of.  Thank god things are getting better, I am determined to make sure my children are well educated and all ways feel loved and wanted no matter the cost.

If you are young with no education and cannot seem to hold a job then DON’T GET PREGNANT or DON”T GET HER PREGNANT.  If you are a whore then take the pill, wear condoms, get the shot, you do know that there are many, many ways to avoid pregnancy and most of you can get it for free from your local planned parenthood.  DON”T get pregnant to keep a guy or to feel loved or needed or any other stupid reason because if that’s the reason then you are just setting that baby up for failure.  And if you do get pregnant and don’t want the baby around much, you seem to drop the baby off every chance you get to go out then you are too immature to have the child and it is never too late to find a loving home.  I personally know people like this, sad to say they are in my family also.  I have known people all my life who have babies so their man won’t leave or just because it was an accident and god forbid you should admit that you just don’t want it and you don’t want people thinking your a bad person.  What makes you a bad person is knowing you don’t really want the baby yet keeping it so as not to look bad. if that is the case trust me people will see and know what an ass of a parent you are.  I don’t think anyone should be condemned or hated by deciding to give their baby up for adoption, it just goes to show that you know you are not ready and that in itself makes you a better person, admit it and give that baby to someone who is ready.

Alright here are two personal stories that hit close to home once again I hate to admit.  I have a niece who has two children and never seems to want to be around them.  She pawns them off at his Mom’s her Mom’s, Uncles who ever will take them so she can go out.  Well my niece left her daughter with the Dad’s parents and her son with her Mom.  Her little girl ended up being rushed to the hospital from Grandmas house with her shoulder pulled out of socket (mind you she is only one at the time) but of course it was an accident.  I’ll be damn if not maybe a week later she was rushed to the hospital again because the Grandmothers dog tore her face apart and yet another accident.  Till this day her little girl is three and she still leaves her daughter with that Grandma.  She leaves them with her Mom alot more often now but everytime my sister takes the kids to my nieces boyfriends the three and five year old scream, cry, say they don’t like him and try’s to hide so they don’t have to go.  Her five year old little boys real dad has fought tooth and nail just to get visitations and has succeeded in getting him every other weekend.  The kid loves his real dad as well as his real dads wife and the three brothers and sisters he has there.  But since my niece has some thing against the father she keeps him away as much as possible.  My sister has threatened her about taking her to court for the kids but I don;t think anything will ever be done about it.  I don’t get why she just won’t give the kids up they would be in much better homes with people who cared but my niece would rather keep them and let everyone else raise them.  Neither her nor her boyfriend wants them so why are they hanging on?

One more personal example is my nephew, he has 3 girls and another on the way they just found out.  Now this is a totally different story than the last.  These children aren’t really allowed outside or over to visit their grandmas much at all.  Their father cooks, cleans and feeds them but also yells a lot, as for the mother she has nothing to do with any of them yet continues to shoot them out like they were bubble gum.  She claims she was on the pill but you can only use that excuse once.  I am not sure why she continues to do this because she has no interest in her kids what so ever unless it’s in public of course.  He is the only one who has a  job as a paper boy and his Mom even has to drive him around on his paper route and pay for the gas to boot.  Now who has that many kids with no job and no intent on getting a job?  Seems to me like the state wasn’t giving them enough for the three girls so they had to poop more income.

This sickens me for one because it is my family and for two because all children are innocent and are pulled into this shit.  They don’t get to choose who their parents are nor do they get to choose how they are raised but I bet if children in situations like this could they would have never been born or they would have went to a loving family who actually wanted them.  There are so many sad stories like this and even worse stories like this.  Why the fuck can’t you just let the child be innocent and give them up for adoption to someone who isn’t going to yell and scream or pawn them off every chance they get?  Trust me if I could I would have those children taken in a heart beat but I have chosen to live a long way from most of my family and for good reason.  And yes it has been turned in but our lovely CPS can see nothing wrong.  How many more children are going to die or suffer before CPS pulls their head out of their asses and do their jobs while actually giving a shit?  Since CPS has not been doing enough one of these days they will have to prove themselves so they will go overboard and someone who is a good parent is going to lose their child just so CPS can prove a point “were doing our jobs.”  CPS has been pissing me off for awhile now it seems like the jobs are too stressful that they cannot handle it or they just don’t want to waste too much time investigating one kid.


2 thoughts on “Parents who pawn their children off on other people”

  1. In a situation like this. Little sister met a guy shortly after we moved to this state. She ended up having several fights with my dad, and she married the guy and he promised her a penthouse in California. Turned out to be a drug dealer and is currently serving a sentence with parole in 2013. She found out what a dishonorable person he was when he admitted white supremacist sympathies. I didn’t know until early the next year she was pregnant with his son. At the time, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve never raised kids, nor have I ever really had to deal with babies or young children. TBH I don’t want kids and I feel like I probably wouldn’t be an adequate parent (being thrice diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, depression, and rather severe general anxiety issues). When she actually had her son, she took care of him, for 1-2 days. Then in the middle of the night, I would hear cussing and yelling as I listened to her changing his diaper. She’s had a couple of jobs that lasted a month or so since she gave birth, and she goes to school. But she has been fired from those jobs. She says she loves her son, but she will not take full responsibility for him. She will not spend more than 3-4 hours alone with him before complaining or saying she has something else to do. If we are on an errand, she will call and ask where we are because her son is getting too hard to handle My dad and I have been caring for him. My other sister saw how exploitative and lazy my sister is and quit helping for the most part. My dad treats me like it’s bad for me to go out, but he will never raise his voice to her, since she has a hair trigger temper. Caring for him is cutting into my career search right now as I recently graduated college. Anyways, it is 3AM where I am and if I finished this post, it probably would be 5 AM before I finish.

    1. Yea I think they keep the kids just so they don’t look like a bad person. Too bad they don’t think about what people will think of them when their children are raised by someone else or end up juveniles or dopers. That is sad but it happens all the time and there is nothing we can do about it but complain.

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