What does our future hold?

How do you see our future with the way things are going today?  Do you think that the next generation is going to have the ability to make this a better country or do you think they will fail miserably?  With all this new technology and the new parenting style so to speak, frankly I am scared to death of what our future holds.  Technology is making everyone lazier than ever and the way people are raising their children now days isn’t helping either.

Technology is making everything so easy that children really don’t have to use their brains much, now they just google the answer.  It’s also making the children lazy and unsociable.  Between the laptops, i pads and gaming systems the kids now days are getting all their social skills either at school or online by strangers they don’t even know.  Kids now days will text you when they are upstairs because god forbid they should have to leave their game for a minute or two.  It seems like all kids now days want to do is kill people on line, or create and feed babies, or what ever other games they are into.  What is that teaching the children?  It’s teaching them that it’s OK if you never leave the house or even leave your chair because it’s all right at their fingertips.  They are not learning skills to help them solve real life problems nor is it teaching them to interact with real live people.  It’s teaching them that it’s OK to sit, be lazy and socialize with strangers online.  If parents were to take just an hour out of their day to sit and communicate with their children and actually listen to what the kids are saying, it would teach the children that parents do care and will take the time to understand.  Most parents will wash the dish’s or chase the dog around while their children are trying to talk to them and that just makes the kids feel as though the parents don’t care.  Take just a half an hour to give your undivided attention to your child without interrupting and after they are done talking discuss it with them.  If your child has a problem let them finish telling you about it then (unlike most parents) instead of giving them the answers, how about asking the child what they think they should do about it.  No matter if  you think your child is right or wrong let them try their own solutions and if that doesn’t work let them come to you and let them come up with another solution.  I’m not saying to not help your child out but just give them the opportunity to figure it out on their own, after all you aren’t always going to be there to give them the answers so in the long run you will be helping them to figure out problems themselves.  If things keep going the way they are going then you may as well say goodbye to a good future and hello to the new and improved dumb asses running our country.

I am not saying that all parents don’t care it’s just that if they do care they are usually too busy either working, cleaning, or maybe taking care of the baby.  It doesn’t matter how busy you are though, your children should be the most important thing in your life, after all we will be relying on them to care for us before too much longer and I don’t know about you but I’d rather take a little extra time to educate them or we will all suffer in the end.

Do you really want someone who hasn’t been taught any problem solving skills running our country?  I sure as hell don’t but if people don’t open their eyes and start to enjoy these beautiful innocent children while they are young and willing who will?  Don’t you as a parent want to pass down some of your morals and values to your children?  That won’t happen unless you teach your children good morals and values, or else they will just get their morals and values from the 60 year old pervert on the other side if the world playing games with them.


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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