Everyone by now should have heard about this because it’s all over the news that obesity is getting worse.  Every time I turn on the news or an infomercial comes on I hear about how more and more people are becoming obese, yet most of the solutions are diet pills, drinks, colon cleansing, what ever.  Why not for every time they talk about how more people are becoming obese they also talk about eating right and exercising?  People of today are getting lazier and lazier which is why obesity is becoming a problem.  Everyone wants to take the easy way out, but why?  Don’t you know that the longer it takes you to obtain something the more you appreciate it and the longer you keep it.  People stopped walking to their friends because a car is faster and they don’t go to gyms because they feel embarrassed (you shouldn’t feel embarrassed the one’s who aren’t going to the gyms should be the ones embarrassed), or you just love junk food and won’t give it up, maybe you work from home so you don’t get out much WHO CARES.  Get up off your ass and cook a decent meal, take a half hour walk a day, go out with friends, go to the gym with other friends that are obese so you don’t have to feel so embarrassed.

This is a touchy subject because I personally have family with this problem and now not only is it their problem it’s their innocent children’s problems too.  At the least if you cannot do it for you, do it for your children.  I have two nephews that are both hugely obese just as their mom is.  The Dr.s have warned her that the boys already have fatty livers and if something is not done about it they the children won’t have long to live.  So their Mother start’s them on a diet, well guess what she herself cannot stick to the diet therefore cannot make the boys.  These children are young, too young to understand that what they continue to eat makes them sick and may very well kill them.  How can ANY parent knowing full well the problems that are damaging their children not do anything about it?  It is sad to say that some people in my family don’t think about their health or the health of their children but once again children learn what they are taught.

If you are obese the only thing you should feel embarrassed about is not doing anything to help it, especially when you are teaching your children that it’s OK.  Hey if you want to die because you don’t want to eat right or exercise, or even just start with walking then that is your problem but innocent children should not have to suffer because of your stupidity.  I do understand that all obese people aren’t obese by choice and that there are health issues that make it hard for them to lose weight but no matter what you do you should still give it your all.


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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