Warning to parents who’s children use facebook!!!

Well I don’t know if they finally did away with this game on facebook but I went on under a couple of different names and the app won’t load. If it is shut down then it’s about fucking time. Just think of how many children could have been saved if facebook had shut this app down years ago. It pisses me off to think of all the children who were virtually raped and fucked all because no one did anything. I did all I could by creating this post and reporting the app to facebook and to the police and to the FBI as well as online child advocate and yet it still took years for anything to be done.

I will be updating a new screenshot of the games they are playing on Happy Baby sometime today. Here is one on suicide so it’s not just adult role playing they talk about here, obviously  a lot of people who use happy baby are in serious need of help. Sorry to any of you with bad eyesight  I’ll try and make the screenshots less blurry. I will continue to update these happy baby conversations so you as a parent may actually put a stop to their children playing on facebook.Not just for porn in this game you can say and do anything you want

If your child uses facebook beware of a game called Happy Baby.  Here is an image of some of the things they discuss in this so called “child’s game”.  I highly advise any parent who’s children play on facebook to sign into to your their facebook account and not only check out their Happy Baby rooms but check all of there PM’s and look through everyone of them to see what kind of people your children are playing with and the kind of “games” they play.  Just sit in the room for 5 minutes and you will see what your children are being submitted to.  Oh and this is mild compared to what is said in this game so prepare yourselves to see your children’s innocence ripped from them.

You want to know something else?  I personally have turned this in to the FBI and contacted some of these children’s parents via facebook and yet the same kids are still playing these games.  The FBI turned this case into some online child advocate or some crap and still nothing has been done. Worse yet is when I talked to my daughters school about this (because a lot of the kids playing this game were from her school) the principal showed concern saying “we have noticed the kids playing some kind of role playing game here at school, however we are not sure what it is because the kids are secretive about it.”  I told her what children were involved and she said “I will inform all of the parent’s of the danger of this game yet, every god damn (excuse my french) child who was on there before is still there.  Could anyone tell me what else can be done about this?  Facebook “if they were a company who cared” would be monitoring the new apps before  letting them be released.


2 thoughts on “Warning to parents who’s children use facebook!!!”

  1. How terrifying is this! I hope parents will take your comments to heart and at the very least monitor their child’s social website behavior!

    Who creates these games? And why isn’t Facebook monitoring the game? Is this just another incident of social negligence? Or is it that the game is making them money so they chose to ignore the fact that it is harmful to our children?

    And the schools’ nonchalant attitude is disturbing, too! For God’s sake, wake up and smell the coffee, people….If the kids are secretive about something, then MAYBE it is something to check into! Stop burying your face in the sand and face up to the responsibility we all have to see that our children are protected and given a chance to grow up in a safe world.

    No wonder children are kidnapped and raped every day!

    1. I seriously hope they do too. I have tried even calling some of these children’s parent and it seems to me that most parents don’t care as long as there children aren’t bothering them. Our children are our future and if we don’t put a stop to this our future will be ran by a bunch of people with serious mental health problems that are not only caused by what they are learning at such a young age from online games but also by the parents who are showing their kids that they don’t care enough even to try and protect them.

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