Bank of America

Bank of America is going to start charging a $5 per month fee for YOU and I, in order for us to use our own debit card. Obama stopped banks from being able to nickle and dime you with as many fee’s however Bank of America found a way around that by charging there customers.  Was there nothing else they can do?  In this economy why would Bank of America even think it would be ok to charge there customers?  I am a Bank of America customer but I guarantee the second they start changing there not only going to loose me but many other good customers all because the bastards have to be greedy.


One thought on “Bank of America”

  1. Very interesting topic , regards for posting . “If you have both feet planted on level ground, then the university has failed you.” by Robert F. Goheen.

Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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