Six year old boy from Pheonix beat to death by parents

Here is yet another case where Child Protective Services failed. Six year old  Jacob was the son of Benny Gibson and Jennifer Paul.  In this case Child Protective Services had visited the home of Benny and Jennifer on more than one occasion to check on allegations that the couple were abusing their son, Jacob.  Every time, CPS investors claim they could not obtain enough evidence to verify the allegations.  Jacob died on Aug. 14th, days after he was taken to the hospital unconscious and suffering from seizures.

Benny and Jennifer were first investigated in 2005  and opened a case as recently as July this past year.  The records that were release on Monday show that CPS workers were constantly in and around the apartment of Benny and Gibson, yet the investigators failed to find evidence that Benny and Jennifer were abusing the boy.  Investigators  found that Jacob was treated differently than his sisters were treated.  They said that the father (Benny) was like a drill sergeant with the boy.  In 2010, after an allegation that the left side of Jacob’s face was swollen, Jacob was scarred to death of his father.  The father  (Benny) was never seen hitting Jacob, but what was observed was the fathers use of the box for punishment.  Benny would force Jacob to stand at attention in a 2×2 foot box when he misbehaved.

The investigation into Jacob’s swollen face (GET THIS) was CLOSED when a case manager visited their home and found Jacob and the other children in good shape.  The case manager wrote that Jacobs face was still injured but Benny and Jennifer said that Jacob fell.  A supervisor from CPS approved this case to be closed considering there was no safety factor.

In 2007 Jacob and at least one of his siblings were placed in foster care.   After a visit with Benny and Jennifer, Jacobs foster family noticed bruises on Jacob’s legs, yet the case manager that visited with Benny and Jennifer  and found that Benny and Jennifer were not at fault.

Now you tell me how CPS found nothing.  The fact that Jacob was scarred to death of his father should have been the first alarm.  What does CPS just talk to the parents and believe everything they said?  I would like to know how after all these allegations CPS still found nothing.  The incompetence of CPS is costing children their lives and this should be an outrage to everyone.
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One thought on “Six year old boy from Pheonix beat to death by parents”

  1. Why do we let them call themselves CHILD protective services? They don’t protect the children. They protect the parents! Let’s not upset anyone by saying that they are abusing their children! Let’s just say its best if we keep the family together.

    Best for who!!! What kind of future do we have if we can’t protect our own children?

    What kind of adults will these children become when they find they have no one to protect them, no one who cares what happens to them? When they grow up, will they be angry and hateful enough to run our country in a constructive manner or will they rule their grow up world in the same way they were ruled as a child. And when they see abuse in the future, whether it is theirs or someone else’s, will they turn their back too, the way it was turned on them?

    If the child protective workers can’t protect our children, they need to find another job! If it’s too stressful for them, then get out and let someone who cares do the job! A job like that has to be more than just money! If you don’t care, then stop pretending and get out! Let someone who cares to fill those shoes.

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