Chandler child abuser

This is on story that pisses me off.  This woman Angelica Jimenez was granted temporary custody by Child protective services.  They say that Angelica lied to CPS about Saldana’s presence when they initially placed the infant in her care.  Well if they know that she knew him at all why the hell didn’t they do their jobs and make sure that Saldana’s wasn’t at her house.  The only reason this child abuse happened is because CPS isn’t doing their jobs.  If you are placing children in home then you better make damn sure those homes are safe.  Who knows that baby could have been better off with her druggy mommy, instead she was taken out of her druggy mommy’s and placed right in the hands of a woman who hangs with the wrong crowd so to speak.  It’s shit like this that make me want to go back to school and become a social worker that way at least someone would be trying to do the right.


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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