This guy cracks me up

I found this site where this guy is talking about how it just appears as though the people getting medical marijuana are pot heads when in reality the have problems.  This cracks me up because I know whole families who get medical marijuana in California.  Now you tell me how an entire family, father and 6 children need medical marijuana.  I guess it must be coincidence.  Bull shit in California if you know the right Dr. all you have to do is slip them a hundred and your on your way to getting legally high.  I am sure that some of the people that look like pot heads actually have a medical reason for getting medical marijuana but let’s get real most of these people are just potheads getting stoned off their asses with weed from the government.  And you know damn good and well allot of these people are making profit on their prescriptions.  Don’t get me wrong not all people are getting medical marijuana just for the high and an extra buck but I can guarantee you that most are.  I personally know allot of people in California and not one person I know that gets medical marijuana needs it.

Here’s the article I was talking about


Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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