Casey Anthony

Now here is a child abuse case everyone has heard about.  This one has pissed off allot of people.  Now I don’t get how this monster got off.  How can someone know that their child is missing and rather than call the police they go party without a care in the world.  If she didn’t murder her child then how come the b***h didn’t go to the police to begin with.  And now this stupid moron is getting a book wrote about her and will probably make thousands maybe even millions.  What pisses me off the most is that NOT ONE person should purchase that book yet we all know they will.  If you think Casey Anthony is a monster who should suffer the rest of her life then don’t purchase her book.


2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony”

  1. You Gotta Ask Yourself. How Did TED KENNEDY Get Off: ‘Setting-Up’&Murdering His[JFKJr]Own Nephew? Whites Need 2 Realize; It Was When The KLAN/Simon Wiesenthal, ‘Set-Up’&Murdered JFK-All Of The TRUE/Dangerous Lowlife Became “Emboldened-“The Scary Part Is; All Of This Is Going, 2 Slowly Lead 2 A Nuclear Exchange. I Welcome IT!

Come on you cannot tell me you have nothing to say about this!!!

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